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Qiddiya Investment Company Launches Performing Arts Center

Qiddiya Investment Company announced the launch of the Performing Arts Center, the first cultural landmark in Qiddiya. This center aims to enrich the Kingdom’s cultural scene and adds to the city’s tourist attractions. It features unique architecture, pioneering technology, and an innovative artistic approach.

Moreover, the center aims to redefine the cultural experience for residents and visitors, expecting over 800,000 visits annually.

إطلاق مركز الفنون الأدائية .. أول المعالم الثقافية في القدية

The first cultural center in the city of Qiddiya has not yet been discovered after announcing (5) fitness and sports assets, which are the gaming and electronic sports area, the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium, the speed track, the Dragon Ball amusement park, the Six Flags park, the city of Qiddiya and Aquaribia.

Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawood, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company, said: “Qiddiya will be a hub for entertainment and sports, and will also preserve and promote Saudi culture. We are pleased to announce the Performing Arts Center in Qiddiya, a beacon of creativity and innovation.

The centre will enhance the cultural scene in the Kingdom and elevate it to new heights. The center’s modern design and pioneering technology, along with its commitment to nurturing talent, embody the spirit of Qiddiya as a place with limitless imagination.”

Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center, situated on the slopes of the Tuwaiq Mountains, showcases the city’s dedication to creativity and innovation. It also hosts over 260 performances annually in three theaters totaling 2,400 seats.

These venues offer a 360-degree viewing experience with cutting-edge kinetic and digital technologies. One theater features a stunning view of the city’s lower plateau, while another, a suspended adjustable theater, accommodates 500 seats.

صرح ثقافي فريد على حافة جبال طويق

The new center will specialize in pioneering experiences and empowering Saudi talent through advanced technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

It will also host innovative productions that surpass traditional theater boundaries. Additionally, the center will serve as an incubator for young Saudi talent, offering resources and educational opportunities to nurture new generations of writers, producers, and actors. This will strengthen its role as a leading model for showcasing unique performing experiences and fostering pride in Saudi culture and heritage.

The center is expected to contribute to economic growth as the first theater of its kind in the Kingdom, by providing thousands of jobs in more than 100 specialized fields.

القدية تكشف عن مركز الفنون الأدائية.. معلم ثقافي جديد في قلب المملكة

Qiddiya’s Cultural Experience

The new performing arts center, embracing Qiddiya’s philosophy, will seamlessly integrate with its surroundings. It also will feature theaters, performance halls, dining, shopping, and educational entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.

القدية تكشف عن مركز الفنون الأدائية.. معلم ثقافي جديد في قلب المملكة


The center will include a planetarium, art galleries, and green spaces to enhance its cultural experience. Its iconic architectural design will symbolize the city’s identity. The dramatic setting of the building will pay tribute to the performances it hosts. A walkway through the Tuwaiq Mountains will offer a shaded section. Additionally, the center’s environment will feature a waterfall starting from the lobby to cool the surroundings.

The Performing Arts Center forms the foundation of Qiddiya’s vision, demonstrating a commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia.

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