Pele’s mother knows nothing about his death

“She lives in her small world.” This is the case for Pele’s 100-year-old mother, who still does not know the news of her son’s death.


Although she is unaware of the shocking news, she is attached to her son with all of her heart. She still prays for him to recover from the colon cancer that caused his death.

His family and daughter were devastated when the black jewel left. They bid him farewell with a touching message, as well as millions of his fans around the world.

Pele’s mother did not know the news of his death

Brazilian legend Edson Nascimento, known as Pele, has passed away at the age of 82.

There are a lot of platforms available for finding Pele’s mother, and it turns out that she still doesn’t know the truth about her son’s death.

As his sister, Maria Lucia, said in an interview with the newspaper «ESPN», her mother is still unaware of the news of her brother’s death after she reached 100 years of age last February.

According to “Maria”, she is unconscious after becoming unable to distinguish the news around her.

Maria said “My mother interacts with the news, but she does not respond. It is a limited interaction; she is in her private world.”

She added, “Sometimes I tell her about Pele and she opens her eyes and says, ‘Let’s pray for him.’

Who is Pele’s mother?

Pele’s mother (Celeste Arantes) is now over 100 years old. She was also a decisive and influential figure in the career of the player considered by many to be the greatest of all time.

When Celeste turned 100 on February 20, Pele celebrated with her and published pictures of them on his Instagram account before his health deteriorated.

Celeste was born in Tres Caracos in 1922. When Pelé was a child, she moved with her husband to the city of Bauru, in São Paulo, where her son achieved success at a very young age.

As a result of her strong relationship with her son, she won many praises for encouraging him to pursue his dream of playing football.

 The Brazilian newspaper “O Globo” awarded her the title of the ideal Brazilian mother.

Pele’s funeral

Pele died last Thursday, and his funeral is scheduled for next Tuesday, after his body was discharged from São Paulo Hospital and headed directly to the Estádio Vila Belmiro, in Santos.

There will be a military parade in honor of Pele’s mother, after which the procession will head to the other end of town, where Doña Celeste lives, to find a way for her to say goodbye to her son.

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