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One million people with coronavirus in US … 211,000 deaths worldwide

US crossed on Tuesday the threshold of one million cases of the emerging coronavirus, or about a third of the globally recorded toll, according to a Johns Hopkins University census.

Since late March, US has been the country with the most recorded cases of Covid-19. The number of people living with HIV on US soil reached 500,000 less than three weeks ago, on April 10.

US is also the country with the highest number of deaths from the virus, with more than 57,200 deaths.

On a global level, the new Corona virus has caused the death of more than 210,000 people in the world, including more than 85% in Europe and US since its appearance in China in December, according to a census prepared by Agence France-Presse according to official sources until 8 o’clock, 45 GMT Tuesday.

Deaths reached 210,000 and 930 in the world (3027853 injuries), including 126,000 and 793 in Europe (1404171 cases), the continent most affected by the epidemic. The United States recorded the highest number of deaths (56,253), ahead of Italy (26,977), Spain (23,822), France (23,293), and Britain (21, 92 and 92).

France begins exit from isolation measures

France recorded a new toll today, Tuesday, for the number of Corona deaths 23,660, an increase of 367 deaths in 24 hours, while the total number of injuries reached 129859, an increase of 1520 in only 24 hours.

On May 11, France begins to exit isolation measures imposed in mid-March, and by Monday it recorded 23,293 deaths for about 130,000 cases, according to official figures. More than 28,000 people are still in hospitals.

This comes as Prime Minister Edouard Philippe confirmed on Tuesday that there will be “enough masks in the country to meet the needs as of May 11”, the date set to start easing containment measures in France, one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are receiving about 100 million surgical masks a week now, and we will receive nearly 20 million general-use washable masks as of May,” Philip said, adding that school workers and students will receive masks.

In Germany, the first signs of an increase in the spread of the Corona virus appeared in Germany, while the country has just started to reduce isolation measures, even though Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concern about a quick return to normal life.

Data from the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases, on Tuesday, showed that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany increased by 1144 cases to 156,337.

According to the statistics, the number of deaths increased by 163 to 5913.

With the German authorities decided to impose the masks in anticipation of the new Corona virus in all stores in Berlin, starting from Wednesday, in a step already taken by all other German regions.

Andreas Gaisel, assistant mayor of Berlin for internal affairs, told a press conference that the capital decided to impose this precautionary measure in all stores with the aim of “protecting” their owners, especially, after it imposed masks in public transport.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Tuesday that the country will begin on May 4 to gradually lift the closure measures, starting with small shops and hairdressing and beauty salons.

“Just as we were able to contain the first wave of the virus, we are now ready to move to the second stage (via) a gradual curtailment of the measures,” said Mitsutakis in a televised speech.

While Turkish Health announced: 92 new deaths in Koruna, bringing the total deaths to 2,992, and 2,392 confirmed new cases of corona in the country.

On Tuesday, the UK counted 586 additional deaths as a Covid-19 epidemic, in excess of the number recorded on Monday, raising the total hospital death toll to 21,678.

The number of injuries that were officially counted was 161,145 after the registration of three thousand and 996 new cases, according to Health Minister Matt Hancock at a press conference.

In Austria, the Minister of Health said, on Tuesday, that the country will ease restrictions on public isolation by allowing gatherings of 10 people.

The restrictions, which include directives to leave homes only for a few reasons, including shopping, will expire on April 30.

In Russia, the Corona Crisis Center stated that the number of HIV cases today reached 6,411 cases, which is a record daily increase to a total of 93,558 cases. The daily deaths of the virus also recorded 72 cases, bringing the total number of deaths to 867 cases.

Italy’s injuries are rising again

The civil protection agency said that the number of deaths in Italy due to Covid-19 disease caused by infection with Corona virus rose by 382 today, compared to 333 the previous day, while the total number of infections since the outbreak of the virus began in the country reached 200 thousand cases.

The number of new daily cases increased to 2,091 compared to 1739 cases on Monday.

The number of deaths recorded today is the highest since Saturday. The agency said the death toll in Italy since the virus appeared on February 21 was 27,359, the second highest in the world after the United States.

The number of confirmed injuries that include deceased and recovered persons reached 201505, the third highest in the world after the United States and Spain.

The number of people registered with the disease has now decreased to 105,205 from 105,813 on Monday.

In the Netherlands, the health authorities said today, Tuesday, that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country rose by 171 to 38,416, including 48 new deaths. The Dutch Institute of Public Health said in its daily update that the number of deaths across the country had reached 4,566.

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