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Public Can Access Iris Scan at Boulevard World

Now You Can Get Your Iris Scanned at Boulevard World
Boulevard World

Traditionally used for security at airports and international borders, eye scanning takes a fun twist at Boulevard World. Here, it’s not about security, but entertainment.

Eye-Scanning as Entertainment


At Boulevard World, you can capture the iris of your eye using advanced equipment. The image is then placed in a keepsake medallion, turning it into a decorative piece. It aims to enhance the visitors’ experience at Riyadh Season.

High-Tech Experience

Ahmed Mohammed, an organizer, notes the high turnout for this unique experience. The technology captures intricate details of the eye’s iris using advanced “micro” techniques.

Visitor Impressions

Visitor Raghad Al-Ahmadi expressed amazement: “It’s like seeing the universe or the desert in my eye. It’s incredible.”

Boulevard World’s Expansion

Boulevard World, expanded by more than 40%, is a major attraction of Riyadh Season’s fourth edition.

It offers diverse, world-spanning entertainment experiences, showcasing global cultures innovatively.

Boulevard City Presented World’s Largest Lake. This  artificial lake is dug up in magical Boulevard City.

Extending over an area of 12.19 hectares, it secured a spot on the Guinness World Records.

The lake made the impossible by allowing its visitors the unprecedented chance of riding in a submarine in the middle of the Kingdom.

Boulevard World

The General Entertainment Authority opened the Boulevard World area.

It is one of the 2023 Riyadh Season areas. It boasts new and diverse entertainment experiences.

Boulevard World enjoys an atmosphere that bears the features of “the ancient Levant,” and showcases its biography through its buildings.

Furthermore, Boulevard World has 20 sub-regions, including the global section. The global section includes a group of regions with their many cultures.

It also has Lake Boulevard, through which you can travel to various parts of the region and offer 19 diverse entertainment experiences.

The games vary between 14 entertainment games and 24 types of skill games.

Additionally, about 200 points for food and beverages, and 621 stores selling various goods coming from all over the world featured in the event.

The area also includes an interactive cinematic museum of the largest archaeological discoveries in history. It is home to the longest roller coaster in the world.

French Ambassador Visits Boulevard World

France’ s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Pouille Ludovic paid a visit to the magnificent Boulevard World.

“I want to tell everybody how happy I am and honored as French ambassador to be back in Paris in the heart of Riyadh,” said Ludovic during his visit.

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