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Movement Exhibition Showcases Art of Four Saudi Artists

In collaboration with four artists, the Spra Center has organized the “Movement” exhibition in Diriyah, reported Arab News. Currently hosted throughout March at Jax District, this techno art exhibition features the creative works of Saudi artists Rashed Shashai, Khalid bin Afif, Moath Alofi, and Abdullah Al-Othman.

Movement Exhibition Showcases Shashai’s Art

Shashai’s piece, “White Flag,” presents a flag atop a washing machine, reinterpreting the traditional symbols of surrender and truce into themes of resilience and hope, while also exploring the balance between surrender and power. The movement of the flag and the operating washing machine symbolize a path towards peace.

Saudi techno artists showcase works at ‘Movement’ exhibition in Diriyah

Movement Exhibition Showcases Bin Afif’s Art

Bin Afif, influenced by his coastal surroundings, infuses his art with reflections on the sea’s calming power. His artwork is drawn from the perpetual motion of the sea. It utilizes discarded water bottles from Jax District to ponder the intrinsic value and the deep human connection to nature.

Bin Afif told Arab News: “In the ‘Movement’ exhibition we try to reconsider everything that is static. We want to move ideas and we hope that the recipient will come and interact with these works as something exciting and surprising.

“The condition that exists in the arts in general makes a person move, but in this exhibition the art itself moves.”

Movement Exhibition Showcases Alofi’s Art

Alofi’s artwork “Lucif” vividly portrays rocks illuminated by streaks of light .It was inspired by the desert landscape of the Tuwaiq Mountains and its ancient corals.

Saudi techno artists showcase works at ‘Movement’ exhibition in Diriyah

Movement Exhibition Showcases Al-Othman’s Art

Al-Othman’s installation, “Tent,” crafted from tin foil, captures a blend of wonder and tranquility. This piece gradually reveals the passage of time through the slow disintegration of its metallic fabric.

Saudi techno artists showcase works at ‘Movement’ exhibition in Diriyah

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