MOH: A New Clinical Test Against COVID-19 in Saudi

The Ministry of Health confirmed that it is continuing its efforts to address the Coronavirus “COVID 19” and search for an effective vaccine, through the unlimited support of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, which has spared no effort to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents.

It announced the implementation of a clinical trial of a vaccine against the Coronavirus in the Kingdom, within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Kingdom and China, which includes implementation Clinical trials in this field.

It indicated that an action plan is being developed to implement a clinical trial in the third stage of the vaccine against the Coronavirus, in cooperation with the Chinese company Can Sinoa, which was able to develop a vaccine against the virus, as experiments for the first and second stages were carried out in China.

It said that the first phase of the study included a trial of the vaccine on 108 volunteers in China during the time period from March 16-27, 2020, and included three different doses (low, medium, and high).

The second phase of the study also included the trial of the vaccine on 603 volunteers in China, during the time period from 11-16 April 2020, and included two different doses (low and medium), as these two stages showed high efficacy of the vaccine with the emergence of antibodies to the virus in the volunteers ’plasma, and immune response. Good, while side effects were few, especially with low vaccine doses.

It explained that the third stage will include multi-center clinical studies in different countries and on large numbers after the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine has been confirmed in the first and second stages, and the study, which will be implemented in the Kingdom, is aimed at a minimum of 5,000 healthy volunteers, those over the age of 18 years. This is done by dividing the participants into two groups.

The first group will give low doses of the vaccine, and the second is the control group who will administer the vaccine with active substances, indicating that the research teams will follow up the participants after giving them the dose to ensure that no side effects appear, as the follow-up will be through direct visits with the participating doctors. In the study and the necessary immunological analyzes, in addition to the use of electronic follow-up methods.

It works currently underway to prepare and make preparations to start in three main cities, namely Riyadh, Dammam, and Makkah, in four health clusters, which are the first health cluster in Riyadh, the second health cluster in Riyadh, the first health cluster in the eastern region and the first health cluster in Makkah, confirming that it will be announced about the launch of the study in the near future.

Revealing that this step is a continuation of the studies and research that it is conducting in this field, as it recently, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, conducted an advanced multi-center clinical study in 7 hospitals in the Kingdom to combat the emerging corona pandemic.

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