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Medical Team in Najran Saves the Life of a Corona Patient by Using ECMO Technology

A group of Saudi doctors succeeded in a surgical procedure for a corona patient. The surgery was made at King Khalid Hospital in Najran by using the technology of external corporeal membrane oxygenation ECMO.

The patient did not respond to the various treatments, and the patient reached a critical stage in the disease where lung functions are failing to accept any medications.

“Sabq News” has shared a video where the leader of the medical team was introducing the plan of the surgery. The leader doctor, Hasan Masloum, was giving the instructions for the rest of the group, and he was reminding them of the safety precautions.

Moreover, ECMO is a specialized technology in the medical industry; it is used in critical surgeries for respiratory failure patients. It requires a highly qualified medical team to use such technology.

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