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The Saudi Shura Council Rejects the Suggestion of Having a Job Ladder

The Saudi Shura Council is rejecting a recommendation from the member, Fahad bin Jumah, who suggested to address a job ladder for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. This ladder is supposed to be adjustable. The flexibility comes along with the qualifications and experience of the employee as well as considering the cost of living.

The recommendation did not get the majority of votes. Most of the members agreed that the “Netaqat” program is imposing the wage floor law. This law, from the perspective of most shura members, is sufficient for the employment system and job market of Saudi Arabia.

The Shura Council is relying on a voting system where all the members have the right to vote on different recommendations that can be adjusted in the law of Saudi Arabia. This system is linked directly to King Salman, who represents the law.

The reasons behind the rejection were to support competence and the demand in the job market of Saudi. Due to the various changes in the economy, the contracting system is a suitable way to readjust every time. This way will enable the market to grow and develop without constricted limitations.

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