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Medhat Al-Adl: Saudi soft powers will be the strongest in the Arab world

The scriptwriter, lyricist, and producer Medhat Al-Adl confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a great development in various fields, praising the attracting stars inside the Kingdom and investing outside it.

On the sidelines of the scriptwriting training course, Al-Adl explained that Saudi soft powers will become one of the most important soft powers in the Arab world during the next five years.

He praised the entertainment seasons in Saudi Arabia, such as the Jeddah summer, the Riyadh season, the Eastern summer, and others, pointing out that the Saudi seasons have achieved great successes, adding these successes to a large series of achievements that the Kingdom has been able to achieve on the ground.

Al-Adl also stressed the importance of creating a new generation of Saudi thinkers and creators, noting that Saudi writers and novelists have a promising future in Arab cinema.

He said: The Kingdom is my second country, so I am happy when I am invited to it. I was the guest of the Red Sea Festival in Jeddah, in which many of my works directed by Khairy Bishara were scheduled to be shown.

He added that the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation has restored nine films by Khairy Bishara, by treating the original film copies and technically upgrading them as a contribution from the Foundation to take care of the Arab and international cinematic heritage.

The scriptwriting training course lasts for ten days; where it talks about the best modern writing methods, treatment, and dramatic plot from the beginning to professionalism, which was attended by the great novelist Abdo Khal and several Saudi writers.

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