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Mecca’s Education Celebrates Foundation Day

Mecca’s Education Department marked “Foundation Day” with a notable gathering. This special day commemorates the founding moments of the region’s educational journey.

Significance of Day

Foundation Day is not just a celebration but a reflection of Mecca’s rich educational heritage. It honors the longstanding commitment to education in the region. This day also serves as a reminder of the progress made and the path ahead. It symbolizes the enduring values of knowledge and learning in Saudi society.

Cultural and Educational Displays

The celebration included a variety of cultural and educational displays. A notable feature was a visual presentation titled “Saudi Content: From the Beginning, We Created Content”. Furthermore, this presentation emphasized the evolution of Saudi educational content. Students from Mecca’s educational institutions participated, showcasing their talents and creativity. Their involvement illustrated the practical impact of education in the region.


Poetic and Dramatic Performances

A highlight of the event was the recitation of a poem named “Diriyah Speaks”. Moreover, this poem resonated with the audience, bringing historical tales to life. It was followed by a dramatic performance titled “Epics and Foundation”. This performance was rendered by students from the 131st Primary School for Quran Memorization and King Abdullah Secondary School. Additionally, their enactment was not only entertaining but also educational, depicting various historical epochs.

Art Exhibition

An art exhibition was part of the celebration, showcasing the history of education. This exhibition included artifacts, photographs, and documents. They also illustrated the evolution of educational practices in the region. This exhibition was not just a display but a journey through time. It highlighted the changes and continuities in the educational landscape of Mecca.

In conclusion, Mecca’s Foundation Day celebration was a blend of history, culture, and education. It was a day of remembrance, pride, and aspiration. It brought together community members, educators, and students in a shared celebration of their educational heritage. This event underscored the importance of education in shaping the future of Mecca and the wider region.

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