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MB leading figure accuses current leaders of corruption

The conflicts between the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) entered their most difficult stage, while accusations of corruption started chasing the heads of the conflicting wings when another leader in the terrorist organization issued a warning message about the formation of a third wing.

Brotherhood leader Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar said: “It is unreasonable to choose between corrupt people,” which reflects the state of internal destruction that the Brotherhood is experiencing as a result of the raging war between the front of the group’s former Secretary-General, Mahmoud Hussein, and the acting General Guide Ibrahim Mounir’s camp, due to the struggle over money, positions and influence.

Abdul Ghaffar launched, according to “Al-Ain News”, a stinging attack on the current leaders of the organization, considering that the conflict is for personal interests, noting that each wing has its “bad” men. Tracks or positions, they are involved in every crime, which indicates a dire reality between the warring parties.

Abdel Ghaffar pointed out that the Shura is absent and randomness is present within the organization, describing Hussein and Munir to “the extras”, in light of the absence of “real players”, while a large number of Brotherhood youth and leaders interacted with Abdel Ghaffar, referring to severe divisions confirming the fragmentation of the terrorist organization.

For his part, Brotherhood member Walid Shousha criticized the lack of a clear and specific methodological vision for the organization, pointing out that the Brotherhood is a group that has no political reform or change project, but rather a constant confusion.

The Brotherhood’s scene continues to be confused due to internal conflicts, as it seemed remarkable that some of the Brotherhood’s first-class symbols raced to disavow Mahmoud Hussein, and their rejection of his steps, which they described as a “coup”, most notably: the strong leader in the organization, Muhammad al-Buhairi, and Youssef Nada, the former commissioner of international relations in the international organization, Mahmoud al-Ibiari, a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, and Gamal Heshmat, a member of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council.

The dispute reached its climax after the deputy guide decided to transfer the former Secretary-General of the Brotherhood, Hussein, and a group of leaders affiliated with his current, to investigation on charges of administrative and financial corruption, after all of them was removed from their positions.

Earlier, Mounir was not satisfied with arresting 6 leaders of the Brotherhood, but referred them to investigation on the grounds of “administrative and organizational violations.”

The list of those arrested includes the former Secretary-General of the group and member of the Guidance Office Mahmoud Hussein, the official of the Egyptian Brotherhood Abroad Mohamed Abdel Wahab, a member of the General Shura Council and former official of Turkey’s office Hammam Ali Youssef, and members of the General Shura Council.

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