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Government of Yemen: Marib is subjected to crimes of revenge by militias

Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik called on the UN and international organizations on Tuesday to support the government and local authorities in the Marib governorate in their efforts to rescue civilians who have been subjected to a systematic siege and repeated attacks by the Houthi militia using ballistic missiles and drones.

According to Abdul-Malik, the Houthi militia has committed crimes of vengeance and genocide in Marib’s Al-Abdiya area after destroying communities and civilian houses and targeting the district’s hospital.

According to the Yemeni News Agency, the Yemeni prime minister also called the war in Marib vital for Yemen and the Arabs since it is seen as a key to success until the state is fully restored and the Houthi takeover is over.

The Prime Minister’s statement came after Yemen’s Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani, warned that the Houthis’ crimes and continuous violations against civilians in Al-Abdiyyah, are war crimes and genocide.

Al-Eryani also urged the international community to exert genuine pressure on the Iranian-backed Houthis, to end their systematic targeting of civilians, and to release the siege of Abdiya as soon as possible.

He claimed that Houthi militias have continued to perpetrate systematic abuse and retaliation against residents of the besieged Al-Abdiya district, including liquidating the wounded, kidnapping civilians, storming, looting, and burning homes, shops, schools, and public properties, intimidating women and children and preventing the entry of food and medical supplies.

It’s worth noting that the Houthis have been attacking Marib Governorate in an attempt to take control of it without success since February, despite international warnings about the impact and risks of these attacks on thousands of displaced people.

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