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Lebanese people should not be blamed for what one citizen said: Michel Aoun

General Michel Aoun, the President of Lebanon, stated that holding the entire Lebanese nation accountable for the remarks of a single individual is unjust.

Aoun was referring to remarks made by the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, regarding Yemen, which sparked a diplomatic crisis when Saudi Arabia and the UAE deemed them objectionable.

This was revealed in an Al-Jazeera interview with the Lebanese president on his visit to Doha, in which he remarked, according to the Lebanese presidency: “It is unjust to hold the Lebanese people accountable for the words of a single citizen. The problem is being addressed, and I have not asked Minister Qardahi to leave. This is something for which he is responsible, and he will act following his sense of what must be done in the national interest.”

“I am an optimistic man who has confronted crises throughout my life, and when I take command, I do not flee, but I see it through to the conclusion,” he said, “and my obligation ends on October 31, 2022,” he added.

“We are willing to negotiate any demand as long as it does not result in the nation being bombed, a military conflict, or a war. “Aoun explained.”

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