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Authorities in Syria foil Captagon Smuggling to Saudi Arabia

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), a source told the agency that “The competent authorities were able to intercept a truck in the countryside of Damascus after conducting extensive investigations into a gang of smugglers and drug dealers.

It was discovered in a package of cooked pasta holding packs of Captagon psychoactive tablets.” 170 grams each bag, with a total weight of roughly 525 kilos, for shipment to Saudi Arabia.

“Pepper was sprayed to confuse the devices and dogs trained in detecting narcotic substances,” according to the source, who added that “the materials were confiscated, while investigations are still ongoing with the arrested to reveal all those involved in the case and take the necessary measures against them.”

Saudi Arabia has complained about drug smuggling into its territory from Lebanon, blaming Hezbollah for putting a halt to it, and this was one of the key causes of the two nations’ current diplomatic conflict.

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