KSA, Adjusting the Rules of Labor Program

The Council of Ministers decided, during its session held last Tuesday, to amend the contracting rules for the Distinguished Competencies Program, and the model for a work contract on the Distinguished Competencies for Labor Program.

adjusting the rules of Competencies for Labor Program.

The most prominent new amendments to the labor program included that the contractor’s years of experience should not be less than 4 years after a bachelor’s degree, or two years if he works with a higher qualification, and government agencies give a performance bonus of no more than 10% of the basic wage for the distinguished competencies contracted with on the competency program. Excellence provided that their evaluation of performance is not less than “good.”

The amendments stipulated that the total of those granted a performance bonus exceeding 5% of the basic wage, based on the contracting rules for the Distinguished Competencies Labor Program, and the rules for exercising the duties of the jobs of ministries and assistant agents, shall not exceed 30% of those whose contracts are renewed with the entity according to any of those The rules, in that fiscal year.

The amendments included that the contract period does not exceed 3 years, starting from the date the second party commences work. The contract is renewed for another period or period with the consent of the two parties. Either of them has the right to terminate the contract during its validity or non-renewal after giving notice to the other party not less than 90 days before the date of contract termination or expiry.

If either party does not abide by the specified period for submitting the notice of contract termination or non-renewal, then the non-obligated party must pay the other party a compensation equivalent to 60 days’ wages, without prejudice to what is stated in Article 15 of the contract.

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