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Etiquette of coping with returning to work during Corona pandemic

Empty roads and streets covered with silence, offices filled with dust and silence broken by the sounds of the wind, this is how it started 7 months ago, a virus sweeping the world and stealing lives one by one, cities closing their doors to residents and tightly guarding everyone who moves.

Be careful!!! Do not go out of your house. Do not open your door to a stranger or relative. Do not sit next to anyone. Do not talk to anyone. Do not touch your hands except your body. Your face is your embrace. Washing your hands is your weapon. Your immunity and your hygiene is the source of your strength Corona is your enemy.

After 7 full months of terror, panic, isolation and social distancing that all the world’s population suffered due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus COVID-19, the world found that it was inevitable to confront, stand firmly and confront this damn virus that penetrates the respiratory system and changes its skin from now on. For another, like the snake, wondering, “Is escape, home isolation and stopping life the solution to confront Corona?”

Of course, the answer came in what the souls did not like. As most countries began to open their air borders and launch their cross-border trips with all preventive and precautionary measures taken, and malls and commercial centers were opened, so that life returned to the streets again, as well as the return of schools and returning to work from the headquarters of companies, to end the period of Work From Home, The acclimatization phase begins.

Adaptation Ticket

Acclimatization and return to life, while adhering to preventive measures, is the only solution agreed upon by various countries of the world, but how do you cope with returning to work and going down the streets? How can the rules of etiquette be applied in proportion to preventive measures; to maintain our health and the health of those around us?

Like all behaviors of our lives that are governed by the rules of etiquette. To adhere to the highest standards of public decency, the rights of others, health and safety; There are some rules that govern return to work etiquette, which are as follows:

Salaam and greetings should be “remote” and without contact; you should never reach out to shake hands with your co-worker. The CDC recommends reducing physical contact with others.

Hand gloves are preferred, to avoid embarrassing situations; In the event that you have to peace by hand, there will be a barrier between the hands, and therefore it must be removed and hands washed directly.

Avoid gatherings and closeness; Where everyone knows the harms of the virus and its danger to public health.

– In the event of a meeting, the number of attendees should not exceed 4 members only, with a commitment to social distancing, and a distance of not less than a meter between each chair and the other.

– go with your personal items; Your bag must include your water bottle and cups, and food and drink must be brought from home and not eat at the workplace.

– Be sure to cleanse your office constantly, use disinfectants and alcohol all the time, taking care to replace masks from time to time.

– The work in the office should be divided into groups; So that not all colleagues gather at the same time, which increases the risk of transmission. Rather, it must be agreed to take vacations alternately.

-You must take into account the colleagues who are with you in the same room, and adhere to all the procedures followed, as any breach will negatively affect you and them.

-Avoid using or touching your colleagues’ personal items, such as having tea or coffee in their cup, or snooping on their food.

-Refrain from smoking in the office.

– Ensure that the office is well ventilated, and it is preferable not to open the air conditioner due to the ease of transmitting the virus in closed places.

In the end, all these rules and other public safety rules must be adhered to, whether while walking on the street, on public transport, or going to malls; The danger could come from anywhere, at any time.

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