KSA Signs Agreement with Turkey to Support Education

KSA - Turkey

Today, CEO of the KSA Fund for Development, Sultan Al-Murshid, signed an agreement with the Turkey Treasury and Finance Deputy Minister , Osman Kilic to support education development in Turkey.

KSA Signs Agreement With Turkey to Support Education
Attendees during the signing of the agreement.

This agreement aims to develop and rehabilitate 5 government schools with an area of approximately 55 thousand square meters. It also seeks to provide the necessary equipment and supplies to mitigate earthquake damage.

In addition, it will enable the beneficiary students to serve their community. As a result, they can reach the integration of growth of other vital and development sectors.

Furthermore, this fund represents a new step with the Turkish side through the consistent approach of providing educational support.

KSA – Turkey Relationship

Both countries are key players in the Middle East region and have significant influence on regional politics and economics. One of the main points of contention between KSA and Turkey is their different views on political Islam and the role of Islamist movements in the region.

Despite these differences, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have also cooperated on various issues, such as trade and investment. Both countries have also worked together on initiatives to combat terrorism and extremism in the region.

Overall, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Turkey is a complex and evolving one, characterized by both cooperation and competition.


KSA Signs Agreement With Turkey to Support Education
While signing of the agreement.


The education sector is a major pillar in the development of countries that seek to brighten their future and their people. Education unleashes various opportunities towards sustainable development, leading to the well-being and progress of society.

Accordingly, the KSA  Fund for Development strives to support the education sector in Turkey to meet Turkey’s needs in providing educational services.

It is noteworthy that this project comes within the framework of the development activity of the KSA Fund for development through financing development projects and programs.



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