KSA Joins International Drought Resistance Alliance

At a time when Riyadh has taken on the responsibility of implementing notable environmental initiatives to protect the planet, Saudi Arabia has joined the International Drought Resistance Alliance, reported Al Arabiya. This followed the approval by the Council of Ministers in its last session to join the alliance.

This highlights the importance of the country’s effective policies in intensifying the momentum of regional and global movements to reduce carbon emissions and protect against the effects of climate change.

تتعزز التوقعات بتأثير السعودية اللافت في التحالف الذي انطلق بـ 2022

The alliance improves proactive responses to climate issues rather than emergency ones, and includes more than 25 countries and 20 bodies. During “COP27 Climate Change Conference” leaders’ summit in 2022, Spain provided initial support of 5 million euros for the environmental project.

Drought Alliance: An Urgent Need

Earlier, UN reports indicated that based on data from 100 countries that are parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, 1.84 billion people around the world are exposed to drought. Some of them exposed to severe or very severe drought. One in every four people on the planet is exposed to drought. Hence, the need for an alliance like the “Drought Resistance Alliance” emerged. The alliance creates international integration to make land resistance to drought and climate change a reality by 2030 which helped crystalize the alliance.

مبادرة السعودية الخضراء نجحت بزراعة 43 مليون شجرة

Drought and Displacement: What is the Connection?

Drought is the absence or scarcity of rainfall. This leads to decreased soil moisture and groundwater, thus affecting water scarcity and crop damage. According to a UN report, global drought causes forced migration. 98% of the new 32.6 million displacement cases in 2022 resulted from weather-related hazards like storms, floods, and drought.

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