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KSA Embassy in Switzerland sends an important warning to citizens

The Kingdom’s embassy in Switzerland has issued an important alert to Saudi citizens who wish to travel to it.

It asked citizens to adhere to the precautionary measures that were established by the Swiss government.

The embassy tweeted in its official account on Twitter”: “The Kingdom’s embassy in Switzerland welcomes Saudi citizens coming to Switzerland and hopes that they will adhere to the precautionary measures and respect the regulations in force in Switzerland.”

KSA’s embassy in Switzerland called on to communicate directly on the emergency phone for Saudi citizens’ affairs at the number “+41795542424” when assistance is needed.

 Kingdom’s embassy also in the Philippines earlier called on citizens present there to adhere to the precautionary measures enacted by the Philippine government.

It said that it hopes the fellow citizens who are in the Philippines to abide by the precautionary regulations that have been announced regarding the emerging coronavirus, to maintain their safety, and called for communication in case of emergency.

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