KS Relief Center Pumps 39m Liters of Water in Hajjah, Sa’ada

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center has offered over 39 million liters of water in Hajjah and Saada provinces In January, according to Saudi Press Agency.

Importance of  Project

The KS Relief Center’s project addresses critical needs in these regions. Access to clean water is vital for health and well-being. Moreover, proper sanitation is essential for preventing diseases. The Center’s efforts are crucial in these underserved areas.

Project Execution in Hajjah and Saada

The KS Relief Center’s operations covered several districts. In Hajjah province, these included Midi, Haradh, Hayran, and Abs. In Saada province, the project reached Al-Azhor camp in Razih district. These areas were chosen due to their acute need for assistance.

Detailed Achievements in January 2024

In Hajjah province, the KS Relief Center made substantial contributions. They pumped 3,763,000 liters of drinking water and 35,113,000 liters for other uses. Waste removal was another key aspect. The KS Relief Center conducted 294 operations in displaced persons’ camps. Additionally, they ran 18 fogging and 36 larvicidal spraying campaigns. These efforts helped control disease-carrying insects.

In Saada province, the Center’s impact was also notable. They supplied 310,000 liters of drinking water and the same amount for other uses. This support was crucial for 30,100 individuals. Furthermore, the provision of clean water is a lifesaving intervention in these communities.

Broader Impact of Project

The KS Relief Center’s  project broader impact cannot be overstated. It enhances living conditions and promotes health. The efforts also in water supply and sanitation directly contribute to reducing health risks. They also improve the quality of life for thousands.

Future Plans and Sustainability

Looking ahead, the KS Relief Center plans to continue and expand its efforts. Sustainability is a key focus. They aim to ensure long-term access to clean water and sanitation. Moreover, training local communities in maintenance and management is part of this strategy.

In conclusion, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center’s project is a beacon of hope. It showcases the power of humanitarian aid in transforming lives. The Center’s commitment to Hajjah and Saada provinces is a testament to their dedication to humanitarian causes.

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