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Kingdom’s Weather for Tuesday

Kingdom's Weather for Wednesday
Weather Forecast

The weather across Saudi Arabia on November 21, 2023, is expected to be dry with no significant precipitation and mild temperatures.

Although there is some inconsistency in the forecast for Dammam regarding potential rainfall. Riyadh is expected to have a dry day with comfortable temperatures.

Jeddah’s Weather

Clear and Sunny: Today in Jeddah, the sky will remain clear, promising a sunny day ahead.

Temperature Range: As for the temperatures, expect a comfortable night-time low of 24°C, transitioning to a warmer daytime high of 31°C.

Precipitation: Regarding rainfall, rain is highly unlikely, with just a 2% chance and no significant rainfall expected.

Wind: Moving on to wind conditions, expect winds from the North-Northwest reaching speeds of up to 25 km/h.

Humidity and UV Index: In terms of humidity, it will hover around 47%. Concurrently, the UV index will be at 7, posing a moderate risk for sun exposure.

Daylight Hours: Finally, regarding daylight, the sun will rise at 06:37 and set at 17:40, providing a total of 11 hours and 3 minutes of daylight.

Saudi Arabia’s Diverse Climate

The country’s weather  varies significantly due to its diverse geography. For instance:

In Makkah, this region typically sees limited rainfall, averaging about 110 mm annually.

Moving to the Eastern Coast, along the Persian Gulf, the climate is desert-like. This area experiences mild winters and very hot, less humid summers compared to the Red Sea coast.

Transitioning to the Central Plateau (Najd), it is characterized by mild winters with cool to cold nights, and the summers are extremely hot with low humidity.

Lastly, in the Western Region (Hejaz), while the northern part has a desert climate with possible winter rains.

Insights into Saudi Arabia’s Weather Patterns

The climate varies across different regions:

Mecca: Known for abundant sunshine and scarce rainfall.

Northern Syria Desert: Exhibits a distinct desert continental climate.

Central Najd: Features a fairly uniform climate, with the main differences observed in winter.

Western Hejaz: The mountainous areas experience varied weather, with some areas receiving more rainfall due to monsoon effects.

This comprehensive overview highlights the intricate weather conditions in Saudi Arabia, focusing on Jeddah’s specific forecast and the diverse climates throughout the country.

It provides valuable insights for planning and understanding the nation’s unique geographical and climatic diversity.

Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh                 35  c                20 c


Jeddah               34 c                 28 c


Medina                37 c                19 c


Makkah              39 c                 21 c


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