Kingdom’s Weather for Saturday

Weather Alert: Thunderstorms Forecast

The weather in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to experience a mixture of sunny days, moderate temperatures, and occasional cloud cover. Each region experiences a unique weather pattern, influenced by geographical and seasonal factors.

Weather Alert: Thunderstorms Forecast

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, until Tuesday, thunderstorms are expected to hit most regions of the Kingdom. The General Directorate of Civil Defense urges caution. They recommend staying in safe places away from floodwaters, stagnant water, and valleys. Swimming in these areas is dangerous and not advised.

Safety Guidelines Issued

The public is advised to follow instructions broadcasted through various media and social networks. This guidance comes in response to the thunderstorm alert across the Kingdom.

Affected Regions, Expected Conditions

Makkah region will see moderate rains, potentially leading to flash floods, hail, and high-speed downdraft winds. This will affect Taif, Al-Ardiyat, Maysan, Adham, Al-Kamil, and areas in Jazan, Asir, and Al-Baha.

Riyadh will experience light rain and active downdraft winds, stirring dust and sand. Affected areas include Riyadh, Diriyah, Dawadmi, Afif, Quwei’iyah, Al Aflaj, Hawtat Bani Tamim, Al Hariq, Shaqra, Al Mazahimiyah, Rumah and additionally, Turbah, Ranyah, Al Moya, Al Khurmah in Mecca region, and Medina region.

These precautions are critical for ensuring safety during the anticipated thunderstorms.

الدفاع المدني يحذر من هطول أمطار رعدية على معظم مناطق المملكة

Enhancing Service Quality

The Riyadh Municipality strives to improve the quality of services for residents. It aims to achieve this goal by enhancing the coverage and quality of rainwater drainage networks. Plans and projects are underway to expand the areas covered by the flood drainage network, aligning with the ambitious targets for the capital. The Municipality’s main focus is on high-quality implementation and meeting top standards, considering these factors when reviewing various qualification requests.

Central Region: Warm Days Ahead

The weather in the Central Region, including areas like Riyadh, will experience warm days. Moreover, highs will be around 24°C, while nights will cool down to 15°C.

Southern Highlands: Cool, Possibly Rainy

Consequently, the weather in Southern Highlands will experience cooler weather, with a chance of rain. Daytime highs will be near 11°C, and nighttime lows around 10°C. This region offers a refreshing change for those looking to escape from the heat.

Expected temperatures


City                    High             Low


Riyadh          30 c                13c


Jeddah          30c              15 c


Medina         30c                13c


Makkah         32 c                 12c


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