Kingdom’s Weather for Friday

The weather plays a significant role in daily life in Saudi Arabia, influencing a range of activities from outdoor engagements to energy consumption patterns.

On a typical day, the Kingdom experiences a diverse array of weather conditions owing to its vast geographical span.

Friday, 3rd November 2023

The weather forecast for some of the major cities in Saudi Arabia is important since it provides residents and visitors with a heads-up on what to expect.

Temperature Variances



Riyadh, the capital city, is set to witness a pleasant day with temperatures hovering around 71°F (approximately 22°C).

The day will kick off with some cloud cover, which is expected to clear as the day progresses, paving the way for a sunny afternoon.

The temperatures are likely to hit a maximum of 29°C and a minimum of 20°C.

Humidity levels will fluctuate, reaching up to 73% in the early morning and dropping to 36% by late afternoon​.


Being a coastal city, Jeddah’s weather is often influenced by its proximity to the Red Sea. On Friday, the city is expected to experience a mix of cloudy, stormy, and sunny weather.

Precipitation, albeit minimal at 1mm, is anticipated around 13h and 14h. The temperature will vary between a low of 28°C and a high of 36°C. The feels-like temperature, factoring in the humidity, will range from 31°C to a scorching 41°C​​.


Dammam’s location by the Persian Gulf often brings about a contrast in day and night temperatures.

This trend is set to continue on Friday with day temperatures soaring to 42°C and plummeting to 24°C at night.

This stark temperature contrast calls for residents to tailor their outdoor plans accordingly, to ensure they are prepared for the changing conditions​​.

The diverse weather conditions across Saudi Arabia on Friday reflect the Kingdom’s vast geographical spread.

From the mild temperatures in Riyadh to the stormy climes in Jeddah and the temperature contrasts in Dammam, each city offers a unique weather tale.

As residents and visitors go about their day, staying abreast of the weather forecasts will ensure they are well-prepared for the day’s exigencies.


Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh               31  c                21 c


Jeddah                  33 c                 25 c


Medina              33 c                  23 c


Makkah              36 c                 24 c


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