King Abdulaziz University Wins 2024 Zero Project Award

"We Hear You" Initiative Triumphs

King Abdulaziz University has once again received the prestigious “Zero Project Global Award” in 2024, according to Saudi Press Agency.

This marks the third consecutive win for the university. The award, highly competitive, saw participation from 523 candidates across 97 countries. This achievement highlights the university’s prominent role in global academic and social initiatives.

“We Hear You” Initiative Triumphs

The “We Hear You – The Preparatory Year for the Deaf” initiative was central to this victory. Hosted at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria, the award ceremony recognized this pioneering program. It also stands as a testament to the university’s innovative approach towards education for students with disabilities. Dr. Mohand bin Ghazi Abed, who leads the Student Affairs department, proudly accepted the award on behalf of the university.

Legacy of Inclusion

King Abdulaziz University’s third consecutive victory is not just a triumph; it’s a statement of its enduring commitment to inclusivity. Moreover, the university has consistently worked towards enhancing the academic and social environment for its students with disabilities. Celebrating global events focused on inclusion, the university has become a beacon of progressive education.

King Abdulaziz University wins “Zero Project” Award 2023

Progressive Educational Environment

The university’s inclusive environment is further exemplified by its diverse student body. Notably, 30% of its students are individuals with disabilities, showcasing the university’s commitment to providing equal educational opportunities. This diversity also enriches the educational experience for all students, fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance.

Global Recognition for Reducing Inequalities

King Abdulaziz University’s efforts have earned it global recognition. It proudly stands as the second-highest-ranking university worldwide in achieving the United Nations‘ 10th Sustainable Development Goal. Furthermore, this goal focuses on reducing inequalities, a challenge the university has met with innovative solutions and programs.

Future Prospects and Goals

Looking forward, King Abdulaziz University aims to continue its pioneering work in education and inclusivity. Plans to expand its programs and initiatives are underway, with the goal of reaching more students and breaking down barriers in education. The university’s vision is clear: to create an academic environment where every student, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and succeed.

In summary, King Abdulaziz University’s victory of the 2024 “Zero Project” Award is more than just an accolade. It represents a continuous journey towards inclusivity, innovation, and excellence in higher education. The university’s commitment to its students, especially those with disabilities, sets a benchmark for institutions worldwide.

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