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Khalid bin Salman: The Iranian treachery militia assassinated Hariri

The Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense, Prince Khalid bin Salman, confirmed that late former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri was a reformed national leader, pointing out that he led the process of reconstruction and achieving stability in Lebanon.

Prince Khaled bin Salman said on his Twitter account Sunday: “He was killed 15 years ago. He was a reformed national leader who led the march of reconstruction and stability in his homeland and sent thousands of his people from different denominations.”

 He added that Hariri was assassinated by the Iranian treacherous militias who fed up with him and a national Renaissance project he was defending.

He also added: “Rafik is gone next to his Lord, and his vision and national project that aspires to achieve stability, prosperity and coexistence will remain in the face of the projects of sectarian militias that do not believe in the homeland or the dignity of the citizen,”.

On February 14, 2005, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri, was assassinated in central Beirut, one of the most prominent actors in the political and economic scene in the country.

A violent explosion killed 12 others, wounded at least 100, and shook the Lebanese who took to the streets of Beirut to express their shock and grief over the assassination of Hariri, who is known for his prominent role in Lebanon’s reconstruction projects after 20 years of civil war that ended in the Taif Agreement.

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