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Kaaba witnesses a rare astronomical event on Thursday

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that the Holy Kaaba will witness on the dawn of Thursday, December 23, the third and final event during this year 2021.

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Majid Abu Zahira, stated, in statements to Al-Arabiya channel, that “the sky of Makkah Al-Mukarramah witnesses on the dawn of Thursday, the perpendicularity of the waning moon on the Kaaba,” noting that this is “the third and final orthogonal during this year 2021.”

Abu Zahira said, “The phenomenon of orthogonality will occur at 03:23 in the morning, two hours and 11 minutes before the dawn call to prayer in the Grand Mosque,” noting that “the moon will be at an altitude of 89.54 degrees and its disk will be illuminated by 87% of sunlight.”

He added that “the angle separating the moon from the sun will be 137 degrees, and it is 398,794 kilometers away,” stressing that the phenomenon of orthogonality shows the accuracy of the calculations for the movement of celestial bodies, including the moon, which makes determining its location very accurate.

He added that with this phenomenon it is possible to determine the direction of the qibla (Holy Kaaba direction), pointing out that it is done by the person heading towards the moon and making it exactly in front of his beholder at the moment of the orthogonal, then he will be heading to the qiblah exactly.

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