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Iran expresses interest to resume dialogue with Saudi Arabia

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Khatibzadeh, stated on Monday, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a neighboring country in the region with whom it shares many similarities.

He indicated in a press conference that Tehran has held 3 rounds of dialogue with Riyadh so far and that his country is ready, if necessary, to resume those meetings.

US policy

Zadeh, the Joe Biden administration, said, “Washington has not changed Trump’s approach yet, and it must return to the nuclear agreement.”

He continued, “The nuclear agreement does not require a mediator, and we do not have a direct or indirect dialogue with the United States, as the Vienna talks are between Iran and the 4+1 group only.”

He said, “Our talks in Vienna are technical negotiations, and from now on the negotiations will continue with a national decision.”

Speaking about the “Taliban” movement, which is banned in Russia, he said: “The Taliban movement is part of Afghanistan and its future, and we are working to facilitate dialogue among Afghans.”

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Iraj Masjedi, said in a statement to the Iranian “Al-Alam” channel: “Several rounds of negotiations were held between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Iraq, and they stopped temporarily due to the transfer of power in Iran.”

He continued, “The negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Iraq dealt with the opening of the two countries’ embassies, and we hope to reach positive results during the upcoming rounds.”

Relations between Riyadh and Tehran have witnessed a rupture since the beginning of 2016, following the storming of the Kingdom’s embassy in Tehran, during protests against the Saudi authorities’ implementation of a judicial ruling to execute prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr and others.

Disagreements continued over the two countries’ stances on the war in Yemen and Saudi accusations of Iran supporting terrorism and threatening to ship in the Gulf.

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