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Iran announces cyber-attacks that hacked its banks

Cyber-attacks are back on Iranian soil, targeting banking systems and temporarily disrupting access to banking services.

Iranian authorities revealed on Monday that their banking systems had been subjected to foreign electronic attacks, according to the official Iranian agency, IRNA.

Temporary Malfunction

It indicated that these attacks prompted banks in the country to temporarily ban access to banking services for Iranians abroad.

It clarified that “these restrictions were imposed on the recommendation of the competent authorities due to the attacks that began today from abroad.”

it added that to deal with cyber threats, it was decided to block the services of a bank that has the most connections abroad, including the Internet and mobile phone services of banks.

Electronic attack on steel systems

This came about a week after the country’s largest steel mill was subjected to a cyber-attack that put it out of service with temporary suspicion.

An Iranian opposition group called “The Predatory Bird” announced that it had claimed responsibility for the attacks, which targeted “Khuzestan Steel Company, (Mubarakah Steel) Company in Isfahan, and (Hormozgan Steel) Company.”

While Tehran pointed the finger at Israel, Israeli media revealed a strategic plan developed by Israeli intelligence under the name “Octopus”.

The plan includes assassinations, cyber-attacks, and sabotage, as well as targeting the Iranian military and infrastructure.

Tehran has recently had assassinations of Revolutionary Guard leaders and officers, some of whom were involved in the nuclear program and others in the missile program as well as marches, in addition to cyber-attacks.

While the Iranian authorities vowed to respond to those attacks!

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