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India’s Ambassador Praises Saudi Arabia Services during Hajj 2024

India’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Suhel Ajaz Khan, has commended Saudi Arabia’s extraordinary services provided for pilgrims during Hajj 2024, reported Arab News.

The ambassador performed this year’s Hajj and assisted the Indian pilgrims to get the best medical services. To make it, effective, Khan collaborated with the Saudi Health Ministry and other authorities.

“We are thankful to all the cooperation we receive from the Saudi authorities in this regard. Saudi authorities are also deploying huge resources in helping the pilgrims of all nationalities with medical emergencies and other medical issues,” Khan said.

Khan added that 175,000 Indian Muslims performed Hajj 2024 and they received assistance from the officials since May 9, underscoring the pivotal role of the Indian Haj mission.

He commended the efforts to keep pilgrims safe and healthy while performing their rituals. He highlighted their cooperation with the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

It is worthy to note that the Ministry deployed about 350 doctors and paramedics and sufficient quantities of medicines and medical equipment during the season. Furthermore, they set two camps in Mina and one camp in Arafat.

Comment on Death of Indian Pilgrims

“This is the summertime, and temperatures go quite high during the day. However, the reports of death among the Indian pilgrims due to heat wave have been exaggerated,” the ambassador said.

Khan explained that there was a total of six death during the Day of Arafat, as against a much higher number being quoted in some media reports. Khan clarified that four people died due to accidents, while others succumbed because of illness and natural causes.

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