Head of Moroccan Camel Union praises success of Crown Prince’s Festival

Mohamed El-Amin, the president of the Moroccan Camel Racing Federation, told “Okaz” that the current (third) edition of the Crown Prince Camel Festival was a huge success, well-organized, and spectacular.

“What attracted my eye this year was that the Saudi Camel Federation set a new record with the participation of 14,475 camels, surpassing the previous version’s barrier of around 13,000 rides, owing to the health safety standards imposed by the Corona pandemic,” he stated.

Al-Amin valued the efforts of the Minister of Sports Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal and the President of the Saudi Camel Federation Prince Fahd bin Jalawi for what they presented at the Crown Prince Camel Festival in its third edition.

He said, “We had hoped that Morocco would participate in the third edition of the festival, but the Corona pandemic prevented that, but we are closely following the activities of the festival, the tight organization, and the most wonderful one, under the supervision of the president of the Camel Union.”

He went on to say that he blesses him with the valuable results that have been accomplished in this edition, which would not have been possible without Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s tremendous concern for camels. ”

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