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GERD 2nd filling boosts negotiations with Egypt, Sudan: Ethiopian FM

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ambassador Dina Mufti, said Thursday, in an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will contribute to improving the chances of negotiations with the two downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan.

Mufti added that from the beginning, we informed the downstream and neighboring countries that GERD works to generate hydroelectric power and will not harm the downstream countries. We also informed them that they can study the environmental impacts of the dam and its capabilities to generate electricity, as it is a hydroelectric dam.

“Behind the second filling of GERD, we noticed no effect on downstream countries,” he said.

“We aim to find a solution to the disputes by negotiating a solution that satisfies all parties. We hope to resume these talks as soon as possible, and we have no intention of injuring anyone.” He explained.

Mufti went on to say, “Before the second filling of GERD, Ethiopia’s Minister of Water and Energy issued letters to his Egyptian and Sudanese colleagues notifying them of the dam’s filling. Ethiopia wants to share information and data with these two countries, as well as keep them updated on its development.”

“Our Sudanese and Egyptian colleagues have informed us that this project would not damage them, but that it will continue to generate electricity and pump water to their countries,” the Ethiopian envoy continued, emphasizing that “the dam will benefit the Ethiopian people and the region.”

“I believe Sudan would profit from this dam since it will reduce evaporation and help regulate water flow, especially in the dry season.”

The Nile, according to the Mufti, should be a source of collaboration rather than conflict.

He stated that everyone in Ethiopia is pleased with the completion of the second phase of GERD filling because the populace was involved in many ways.

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