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Exploiting Children for Financial Gain is a Crime

The Human Rights Commission confirmed that it continuously monitors some abuses that threaten the stability of children’s lives and violate their rights for the sake of fame or material gain, stressing that it is following the legal procedures in the prosecution of anyone who violates the rights of a child, regardless of his relationship or kinship with the child.

The commission indicated that the Kingdom’s laws criminalize and punish anyone who violates the rights of a child, calling for the importance of adhering to the rights of a child guaranteed by the laws in the Kingdom.

 The commission also calls for strengthening supervision to protect children from any violations they may be exposed to, whether within the family or outside it, and that all the violations that occur in this framework must be strictly faced.

It indicated that the phenomenon of child exploitation in social media and obliging them to go into conversations not appropriate for their ages is a serious violation that threatens a child’s psychological and behavioral life.

Furthermore, it stressed the importance of privacy and information security as one of the basic rights of a human being, which means that every person has his own life, including children, for whom regulations guarantee this right like other groups of society.

It explained that despite the development of electronic technologies and communication means and their growing uses, the personal information of individuals and images circulated in that media should be secure.

The Human Rights Commission renewed its affirmation that national systems punish with imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year and a fine not exceeding five 500,000 riyals, or one of the two punishments for anyone who penetrates private life by misusing mobile phones equipped with a camera, or the like.

It is not less than the penalty of imprisonment or a fine less than half of its upper limit if the crime is accompanied by deceit against minors and those of similar rank and their exploitation.

 The regulations guarantee the child the right to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work likely to be dangerous or to hinder his education, or to be harmful to his health or development whether physical, mental, moral, or social.

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