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Saudi Project to Empower Orphans in Yemeni Mahrah

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The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center launched a project to empower orphans and strengthen their resilience in Yemeni Al-Mahrah Governorate. The project aims to provide integrated care for the families of orphans and economic recovery, by securing health and educational care.

It ensures access to educational services, and relieving the suffering of orphans by securing the foundations for a decent life for them, by paying sponsorship for every orphan and integrating them into society, through health care insurance Education and clothing for a period of one year, benefiting 1,000 orphans and orphans, in the governorates of Ma’rib, Aden, and Al-Mahrah.

300 orphans

The deputy of Al-Mahrah Governorate, Salem Nimer, praised the role played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the center, towards their Yemeni brothers, whether in Mahrah or in the rest of the other governorates.

The Director of the International Society for the Care of Disaster Victims, Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Nashiri, thanked and appreciated the King Salman Relief Center for funding this project, which targets an important segment of society, namely orphans.

He explained that 300 orphans in Al-Mahrah will benefit from this, through a monthly guarantee provided for them and their families, in addition to comprehensive care in the educational and health aspects.

It is noteworthy that the center launched last week its project to empower orphans and strengthen their steadfastness in the governorate of Ma’rib, in the presence of officials and people of the governorate, which was well received by everyone.

This comes within the framework of the humanitarian projects presented by the King Salman Relief Center to protect Yemeni orphans, care for them and improve their living conditions.

Winter Clothing in Jordan

The center continued to distribute winter clothing to the most vulnerable, needy and affected families in the governorates of Amman, Zarqa, Jerash, Karak, Ajloun, Maan, Mafraq, Irbid and Tafila, Jordan.

 The winter clothing was distributed to 4,706 Jordanian, Palestinian and Syrian families, at a rate of 23,530 individuals, bringing the number of bags distributed to them to 4,706 and blankets to 9,412.

This distribution comes within the relief and humanitarian efforts provided by the Kingdom, represented by the King Salman Center, to provide relief to Syrian and Palestinian refugees and the most needy families in Jordan.

On the other hand, clinics of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center continued to provide medical services in the Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The clinics visited 334 patients with various medical conditions, as the general medicine clinics received 155 patients, who were examined and dispensed the necessary medicines for them, and the children’s clinics received 54 patients, the emergency department received 24 patients, and 16 patients reviewed the two dental clinics.

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