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Egyptian is disappointed with the second GERD filling

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry announced that his country would express its dissatisfaction with ignoring the condemnation of the second filling of the GERD:

“We will express to the members of the Security Council our dissatisfaction with ignoring the condemnation of the second filling of the GERD.”

In a statement to the Egyptian channel ON, Shoukry said that it is essential to present the crisis of the GERD to the Security Council and hold it responsible as the main body concerned with maintaining peace and security and preventive diplomacy.

He pointed out that “the interventions made by the members showed interest in the issue and presented the necessity of reaching an agreement. There is a consensus among the Council members to reach an agreement through the African track, and this is also an achievement because matters will not extend to infinity.”

“This reinforces what we are proposing and bearing the political responsibility of the parties, and here certainly, the Ethiopian party is the party that refuses to show flexibility and negotiations. Therefore it bears political responsibility. Egypt assured the international community and put in negotiations that took place over ten years.”

He continued: “What happened prompted me to refer to the European Union’s statement about its concern about unilateral filling, and the representative of France indicated this in his statement. “

The rest of the members addressed the issue of not taking unilateral measures in general terms, in the context of avoiding the first and second filling, and this comes within the framework of harmony, which is a position that reflects a balanced attempt to take into account national policies.

He pointed out that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provoke some member states of the Security Council to avoid talking about Ethiopia’s unilateral filling in contacts with council members during the coming period while expressing dissatisfaction with these positions.”

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