Egyptian Electricity Minister stresses the importance of the electrical connection between Egypt & Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Egypt’s Minister of Electricity, stressed the importance of the Saudi-Egyptian electrical connection.

He emphasized that he would enable up to 3000 megawatts of power to run via the “DC” system, which is more than one-and-a-half times the High Dam’s output and would cost around 1.8 billion dollars.

He noted that the two countries have the largest electrical energy production capacity and that the project will help meet and provide electricity during peak times that differ in the Kingdom and Egypt.

“The quality of power works to meet any demands for companies and others to function, and the electrical link with neighboring countries helps us to exchange and sell electricity,” the Egyptian minister said in a televised announcement last evening.

He went on to say that Egypt has progressed to a high level in the development of energy network0s and that the electrical connectivity project between the Kingdom and Egypt is the first step toward Egypt being a key hub for the Arab electricity market.

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