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Egypt participates in Naval & Air drills in Saudi Arabia

The joint Saudi-Egyptian air training activities (Faisal-12) were launched with the participation of formations from the Egyptian Air Force and the Royal Saudi Air Force, which will continue for several days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The training includes, according to a statement by a spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces, the implementation of some activities and events, including “the planning and management of joint air combat operations, and the implementation of some offensive and defensive air sorties with the participation of formations of the latest multi-mission fighters for both sides, to unify concepts and exchange experiences.”

This will contribute to raising the combat efficiency of the Egyptian and Saudi air forces.

The Egyptian army considered the exercises to come “within the framework of supporting distinguished relations, strengthening military cooperation, exchanging experiences between the Egyptian armed forces and brotherly and friendly countries.

 It also aims at getting acquainted with all that is new in fighting methods and reaching the highest levels of efficiency and combat readiness to implement any joint missions under various circumstances.”

These air maneuvers coincide with the launch of the joint naval training activities (Red Wave-5), which are being held in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea and will last for several days, with the participation of the navies of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Djibouti, Sudan, and Yemen.

The preparatory phase of the training includes holding many conferences and lectures to achieve understanding between all the participating forces. The training also includes the implementation of many activities, including the planning and management of joint naval combat by the participating forces to hone skills and exchange experiences between the forces participating in the training.

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