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Egypt: Death toll of “Qalyub train accident ” rose to 4 deaths and 23 injuries


The Egyptian Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that 4 people died, and 23 others were injured, in a train derailment accident in Qalyub, north of Cairo, on Tuesday evening.


Two security sources at the Qalyubia Governorate Security Directorate, which is affiliated with Qalyub, told Reuters, yesterday, Tuesday, that a person died and 18 others were injured when part of a train derailed and collided with a part of a platform at a train station.


The Egyptian National Railways said, in a statement, that the train, which was heading from Cairo to the city of Menouf in the Menoufia Governorate in the Nile Delta, collided with the protection bumper at the end of the platform after it crossed the area to be parked, which caused the tractor and the first cart to derail.

It added that the Minister of Transport ordered the formation of a committee to find out the causes of the accident and identify those responsibly.


In its statement, the Ministry of Health said that 3 injured people received first aid at the scene of the accident, without the need for hospitalization, and 11 other injured people were discharged from hospitals after their health conditions stabilized.

It added that the rest of the injured still receive health care in several hospitals.

It is noteworthy that the country often witnesses fatal traffic accidents, especially in the railway sector, despite all the efforts made by the authorities to modernize some dilapidated railways and roads.


Traffic accidents are common in Egypt for several reasons, including poor adherence to driving rules and regular car maintenance.

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