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Saudi foreign minister refuses to allow a few countries to set global agendas

The Saudi Foreign Minister stated to Prince Faisal bin Farhan, in a televised interview, his refusal to allow a few countries to set global agendas without the participation of all.


He added that everyone has the right to send his voice.


bin Farhan said that countries of great sizes, such as KSA and India, bear the responsibility of amplifying others’ voices.


He also stressed the importance of cooperation and dialogue rather than confrontation and competition.


Prince Faisal also referred to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its pioneering role in the Arab and Islamic world in this regard.


Bin Farhan touched on the role of countries that have economic power and a huge area, such as India.

He said that they are responsible for communicating the voices of others.


He also stressed that KSA will continue to cooperate and work with India to ensure that everyone’s interests are represented.


The foreign minister referred to the upcoming challenges that they will face, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.


He stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is most interested in the food basket crisis in developing countries.


Bin Farhan has previously stated that the contract with Syria could pave the way for its return to the Arab League.


Relations with Syria have been strained after more than ten years of isolation, and Syria is considered a developing country.

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