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Presidency of Two Holy Mosques, Ministry of Energy sign MoU to maximize partnerships

The General Presidency for the affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Ministry of Energy in the field of occupational safety and health, which is a positive step towards maximizing partnerships between the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques and the ministries.

The MoU aims to strengthen cooperation between the two parties to develop the best standards and practices for safe operations in the Two Holy Mosques, to improve the safety of individuals, workers, and visitors to the Two Holy Mosques, to protect facilities, and to achieve the highest quality standards as per a strategy aimed at achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals.

His Excellency the General President confirmed that the memorandum of understanding signed with the Ministry of Energy will help to achieve the wise leadership’s goals of improving the efficiency of pilgrim services, developing energy for the Two Holy Mosques, and keeping up with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

According to HRH Abdulaziz bin Salman, Minister of Energy, the memorandum of understanding signed with His Excellency the General President of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, stems from the rulers’ directives to improve the service of the two Holy Mosques, including pilgrims, Umrah performers, and visitors, to make maximum efforts and possibilities for them to perform their rituals with ease and reassurance.

Sheikh Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sudais emphasized the importance of collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, which leads an integrated system of highly professional agencies.

He explained that this collaboration will be reflected in the improvement of operational processes related to energy services at the Two Holy Mosques and the Presidency’s affiliated sites.

It also supports efforts to improve the level of quality of services provided.

The agreement was signed at the Ministry of Energy headquarters in Riyadh by His Highness the Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, and His Excellency the General President.

The memorandum calls for the two parties to work together to develop accurate and effective performance and measurement indicators for safety systems in presidential positions. It also calls for them to prepare a periodic evaluation of the level of occupational safety and health.

It also aims to identify and fill gaps in the areas of improving safety and accident management, joint preparation of safety regulations in this field, and working to define standards and responsibilities for preparing sites in a way that protects the Two Holy Mosques, with joint work to build capacities through knowledge exchange and coordination to identify, assess, and address risks.

The President-General met with His Highness the Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, at the Ministry’s headquarters in Riyadh, emphasizing the Ministry of Energy’s role in promoting occupational safety and health in a way that achieves public interest in the Two Holy Mosques, as well as His Highness’ eagerness to strengthen cooperation and capacity-building through knowledge exchange between both parties.

According to the memorandum of understanding, the Ministry will work with the Presidency to review occupational safety and health means, procedures, and measures available at the Presidency’s sites. In addition, the Ministry will participate in developing and promoting a safe work environment.

The Ministry will also assist in the development and implementation of an approved early warning methodology, which includes observing, predicting, monitoring, and reporting occupational safety and health violations, accidents and emergencies, and noncompliance with safety rules, following applicable regulations.

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