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Due to Corona Virus… Saudi Arabia imposes curfew

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced a curfew in all parts of the country, starting on Monday, as part of measures to counter the spread of the new Corona virus, after a marked increase in the number of coronavirus infections, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi Arabia recorded 119 new cases of the new Corona virus, bringing the total number of people infected with the disease in the Kingdom to 511 cases, to become the largest country in the Gulf in terms of the officially registered infection numbers.

The number of people infected with the virus increased in the UAE to reach 153 cases, while two of the patients died of the disease, and 38 cases have been announced so far.

Most of the confirmed infections with the emerging coronavirus in the Gulf countries have been linked to travel to Iran, which is one of the largest episodes of infection with the coronavirus in the world.

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