Desert Fish” in Al-Ula attracts Saudis’ attention

Saudi photographer Khaled Al-Enezi revealed the story of the image of the archaeological masterpiece in the desert sands, which caught the attention of the Saudis.

He revealed to Al-Arabiya.net that he regularly goes out into the Al-Ula deserts to investigate and take pictures, looking for unusual rock formations and old inscriptions on ancient artifacts.

he said “I was filming in the modest desert and mountains when I came across this rock that was developed and changed thousands of years ago. I waited until the sun went down to acquire a clear and clear video that displayed its features better,”.

Al-Anazi explained that the best times for photography are at sunrise and sunset.

The image was called: Desert Fish, indicating that the shot found a great interaction among social media pioneers due to the severity of the archaeological landmark’s similarity to the fish.

About his passion for photography, he mentioned that his beginning was at the age of 17, during the time of Nokia phones.

He kept up his photographic profession and helped the Society for Culture and Arts in Jeddah display some of his artistic creations in a photographic show on palm trees.

He filed a proposal to the Royal Commission for Al-Ula to construct a photo exhibition for the photographers of Al-Ula to show their work to each other and photographs of the most significant tourist destinations in Al-Ula.

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