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Deadly street protests hit Iran

Deadly street protests hit Iran

Protests penetrated central Tehran after they were in other cities, which surprised and terrified the Iranian government. Most of the people demanded that the mullahs’ regime go forever, in light of the destructive policies pursued by its leaders, which caused starvation and thirst for citizens.

They see that the mullahs’ biggest goal is to destroy the entire region through terrorist militias spread in many countries. The demonstrators gathered in the center of Tehran, in the “Jomhouri Street” area, in conjunction with the popular protests taking place in the Ahvaz region and other cities. The capital, Tehran, officially joined the protests launched by the Arabs in the Ahvaz region and moved to other provinces at the level of Iran.

While observers considered that the strength of the Tehran demonstrations was that, unlike other gatherings in other cities, it was a surprise to the government as it took place without any prior announcement, so there were no police forces, mobilization forces, or security forces in the place.

Several other regions of Iran have shown solidarity with the protesters in Ahvaz. Hundreds of people took part in demonstrations in the city of Bojnurd in Khorasan Province, northeastern Iran.

 In Tabriz, in the northwest of the country, the Iranian security forces attacked the protesters, coinciding with the launch of a massive protests campaign in the city, which prompted the security forces to intervene and suppress the demonstrators. The security forces also surrounded the Al-Thawra neighborhood in Ahvaz from its two main entrances, while searching everyone who entered and exited the area.

A local source said that the Iranian security forces ask passers-by in the neighborhood to unlock their mobile phones and arrest them if videos of the protests are found. The security forces also fired live bullets and tear gas at demonstrators against the regime in the city of Al-Falaiya in the province of Ahvaz.

Several Ahwazi demonstrators found ammunition that was prepared for use against them by the Iranian security forces. The current demonstrations indicate the Iranians’ determination to oust the mullahs’ government, which humiliated the people, starved them, and killed the innocent in the region through its agents, which made the Iranian people utter a loud cry, declaring that “the mullahs are a danger to the country and the region.”

 Therefore, they must be removed from the seat of government, while observers expect the protests to rise to the fullest extent, especially as it enters its eleventh day today, and has been expanding daily in cities and provinces to include all regions of Iran, in preparation for the uprooting of the mullahs from the seat of power.

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