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Crown Prince Patronizes Graduation Ceremony of 101st Batch of King Faisal Air College

Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Defense Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz patronized today (Tuesday) the graduation ceremony of the 101st class of King Faisal Air College students.

Upon his arrival at the college’s headquarters in Riyadh, the Crown Prince was received by Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant-General Fayyad bin Hamed Al-Ruwaili, Commander of the Royal Saudi Air Force Lieutenant-General Turki bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, and Commander of King Faisal Air College Major General Pilot Hazem Al-Ghashiyan.

Then the commander of the King Faisal Air College gave a speech in which he valued the Crown Prince’s sponsorship of the graduation ceremony of the 101st class of the college’s students after they spent more than 3 years in this college of study.

Moral preparation was provided for them to build a professional military personality in the various disciplines needed by the Air Force.

He explained that this course includes 4 students from Bahrain and a student from Kuwait, who have completed all the requirements related to military qualification, academic qualification, and practical training.

After that, a military parade was held for the college students, and the students sang the college anthem, after which the graduates took the oath, then the results were announced, and the Crown Prince presented the awards to the students who excelled in the course, as well as the safety award.

Moreover, the Crown Prince received two souvenirs from the Commander of the Air Force and the Commander of the College on this occasion.

Then the royal anthem was played, and memorial photos were taken of the Crown Prince with the graduating students.

The graduation ceremony was attended by some princes and officials.

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