Corona virus kills more than million people in the world

By Marwa Mahmoud

Corona virus has killed one million people around the world since it’s appeared in China late last year,

 The virus spread in 210 countries and infected at least 32 million people around the world, according to France-Press Agency.

Europe is now battling a second wave of the virus as the continent enters the winter months.

This figure comes a day after the WHO warned that deaths number  may reach two million people before an effective vaccine is widely used.

The true number of deaths and injuries is likely to be much higher due to insufficient testing and reporting in many countries.

The United States, India and Brazil have recorded the most cases, with more than 15 million among them.

India is expected to become the country most affected by the epidemic within weeks, surpassing the United States, with more than 7 million people infected.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health reported 1,124 additional deaths, for a total of 94,503 deaths.

The average of new cases fell by about 7,000 a day last week after hitting a record high of 97894 on September 16.

In recent weeks, Europe has been hit by a wave of coronavirus cases, which has led to warnings of new national lockdowns.

The global pandemic has also had an unprecedented impact on the economy, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) describing the resulting global recession as a “crisis like no other” earlier this year.

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