Corona Scanning while Driving in Saudi Arabia

To experiment, one of the media professionals from MBC has decided to take the corona test. He visited one of the centers that are specialized for corona scanning in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. He did the scanning while driving.

The process of doing the test is straightforward. It starts by booking an appointment through the mobile application “Sehati,” and then the application takes you to the nearest center to your location; there are three main centers in Riyadh. The test scanning is available for all citizens and residents.

The test itself doesn’t take more than two minutes. It starts by showing the identity card of the test taker in order to make sure that the booking information is confirmed, and the scanning is by mouth swaps, not the nose for easy and comfortable sensation. After that, the result of the test is sent to the mobile number as an SMS message.

The ministry of health in Saudi Arabia is intensively working on scanning most of the population by facilitating the process. The scanning will be in different stages as it evaluates the health situation in general.

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