Corona, Education and the Best Option

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made great progress in the process of distance education during the past months, and after a few days at the end of the first semester, pupils in the education sector are experiencing a unique experience in terms of comprehensiveness and organization i.e. the experience of implementing end-of-semester exams (remotely) .With serious and strict monitoring through the devices’ cameras, test questions were developed and their times were set with great accuracy that did not allow any attempts (to cheat).

In fact, behind this success stands an educational system that has done work and made efforts for the benefit of millions of students from this generous nation in the various educational stages. Thanks to those in charge of this system, especially since the experience of distance education of this kind and at this level is an unprecedented experience and is unique in its kind in our Arab world and the Middle East region.

With the end of the first semester of the school year, the Corona pandemic is still rampant in most countries of the world. Its ghost continues to haunt most societies, especially in the northern hemisphere, where winter stands at the gates asking permission to enter. It is usual to come this time every year.

 Unfortunately, Corona vaccines are still in the process of preparation and processing. Although they have made a great way from the stages of production and accreditation, the initial vaccination actually began in some countries such as Britain and the US.

 It is not likely to include all segments of society in the coming months, not to mention some of the medical contradiction surrounding the efficacy of these vaccines. The extent of their ability to prevent infection with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) is still argumentative. In the meantime, many are now asking what is the best solution to the subject of education during the next second semester?

 Experts, educators, doctors, and health professionals are almost unanimously agreed that the best solution is to continue (distance education) .They suggest that the doors of traditional schools should be kept closed so that the Corona epidemic does not spread in the community due to the overcrowding of classrooms with male and female students.

 They should consider the difficulty of applying precautionary measures in schools and imposing them on male and female students, and the difficulty they are bound by it all the time, especially for young students in the primary grades of education.

In fact, continuing (distance education) during the second semester of this year is really the best option for students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Because Saudi Arabia has a strong technical infrastructure, its educational system has achieved success in (distance education).

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