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CEO of MWAN: Center Has SAR 440Bln Infrastructure for Waste Disposal

The CEO of the National Waste Management Center (MWAN) Abdullah AlSebaei revealed that the center possesses infrastructure to support waste disposal estimated at 420 billion riyals. There are efforts underway to create 70,000 job opportunities in waste management, reported News 24.

Speaking during sessions of the 2024 Environmental Compliance Forum, he revealed the national initiatives to preserve the environment undertaken by the Kingdom. Moreover, he stated that the center utilizes engineering cells to assist in disposing of slaughterhouse waste. It was used for the first time in the Kingdom’s history in 2023.

He also pointed out that the center is working towards gauging companies and investors and attracting them to the environmental sector.

Waste Management in KSA

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, managing waste effectively is a critical component in maintaining public health and environmental integrity.

The Saudi National Center for Waste Management (MWAN) stands at the forefront of this endeavor. It’s stringent practices ensure a sustainable and healthy future for the nation.

Saudi Arabia has witnessed rapid urbanization and industrialization, leading to a significant increase in waste generation. This surge demands an efficient and effective waste management system to prevent adverse impacts on public health and the environment.

Through strategic planning, MWAN plays a pivotal role in meeting these challenges.

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