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KAUST, Averda collaborate to provide waste management solutions in Saudi Arabia

KAUST, Averda collaborate to provide waste management solutions in Saudi Arabia

Averda, a well-known waste management and recycling business, and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have announced the signing of a multi-year partnership to develop a sustainable waste management facility and services on campus.

By 2025, the university will generate zero waste from diverse activities.

Averda will manage all operations from solid and hazardous waste treatment to recycling, sorting, waste transportation, and disposal.

Since 2015, Averda has collaborated with KAUST to develop and deliver an integrated waste management solution for campus buildings and residential areas. This solution is in line with the demands of the institution and promotes sustainability.

During this period, more than 3,500 tons of waste were recycled.

KAUST’s newly signed 10-year contract with Averda will support the university’s goal of making more waste destined for landfills zero

By creating an efficient and integrated material recovery facility and completing one-step trash collection, sorting, and collection operations, it will also recycle and recover 100% of municipal waste by-products.

This will support an all-electric fleet of Averda (formerly diesel) waste collection vehicles, saving energy while eliminating emissions, reducing noise, maintenance costs, and more.

The redesigned facility was designed specifically to match the modern design of the KAUST campus. It will include administrative office space, a warehouse, parking, and a warehouse for storing containers and other operational equipment.

 It will provide specialized waste collection services across the university campus and five residential areas and treat each type of waste properly.

 The recyclables will be sorted and sold on the market, and the organic materials will be composted at the KAUST composting facility.

There is no doubt that more than 7,000 members of the university community will have an active role to play in separating recyclables from their source.

To this end, KAUST and Averda are developing an environmental awareness campaign for campus residents to ensure active participation in zero waste efforts.

The use of information technology to record, monitor, analyze and report waste management data will be a vital component of supporting this program. This will ensure that KAUST achieves its sustainability goals.

 Technical frameworks will be put in place for micro-level data collection, including container management, a dynamic weighing system, and fleet tracking and management.

The Operations Sustainability Plan will monitor and assess development to lower emissions and keep KAUST fully informed of its environmental imprint. It will also monitor and assess the activities and services offered by Averda both within and outside the site.


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