Blueprint for The Journey of Your Life

The year 2020 has flipped the scales of every aspect of life. It changed many prospectives and created a revolutionary way of life. Some people say that the events of 2020 are similar to world war when comparing their effects and results. However, people always adapt and change, and the best way of adapting to these events is by being prepared.

Getting prepared for the journey of your life is not a short task. It is a continuous progress of defining, tracking, and reevaluating. For that, lots of strategies and methods that can be found everywhere online. However, there are few tools that can provide a complete blueprint for all your life.

The concept behind the blueprint is to view the full picture of your life. It puts the north start at the beginning, and everything comes following that star. The sequence of the blueprint is like the following: Vision, Mission, Strategy, Tactic, and a complementary tracker.

This tool is inspired by the Lifebook of Jon & Missy Butcher. They are applying 12-dimensional categories in life, and those categories are divided into four, which are the following: personal life, relationships, business and life, and quality of life.

  • The personal life has five categories which are: Health and fitness, intellectual life, emotional life, character, and spiritual life.
  • The relationships division has three categories which are: love relationship, parenting, and social life.
  • The business life has two categories which are: financial life and career.
  • The quality of life has two categories which are: quality of life and life vision.

The tool will help in setting your standards and customizing them accordingly.

This method can take a full day of concentration from you to fill. However, its results are remarkable and long-lasting. The key is to link all your motivations to a high-end north star.

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