Asir is ready to start its touristic season

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Asir, southwest of Saudi Arabia, is preparing itself for the opening of its summer season, Monday, amid precautionary measures due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The “Welcome to the World” initiative is launched in conjunction with Asir tourist season, where modern technologies, social media platforms and its pioneers contribute to discovering the Asiri tourist treasures and highlighting them to the world at large.

In turn, Zaki Al-Areifi, official of the “welcome to World in Asir” initiative in Asir, said in an interview with “Al”, that the initiative is parallel to the “Welcome to the World in Saudi Arabia” initiative “breathe”, saying: “We, as children of Asir, have a duty that every citizen should contribute to Promoting national ingredients, and making the Asir region a tourist attraction throughout the year, not just in the summer.”

He added that “under the following up of Prince of Asir region, Prince Turki bin Talal, we are launching the Aseer initiative” Welcome to the world in Asir “, in which many pioneers of communication platforms, businessmen and many citizens participate to show what Asir has of the wonderful tourism ingredients, both for the citizen , resident and tourist.

Al-Areefi also mentioned the initiative’s programs that coincide with the start of the Asir summer season, including bazaars, parashots, diving and haiking, noting that Asir is adorned  to receive its guests  who came from different cities so that  vacationers are welcomed.

Al-Arifi pointed out that Asir has approximately 425 archaeological sites, as well as 45 licensed museums, and includes more than 4275 heritage villages.

He noted that the Tourism Information and Research Center “MAS” of the Tourism Ministry showed that the number of visitors to the Asir region exceeds two million on average annually.

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